Personalized Itinerary Planning

Are you hoping to surf your first wave, play a few rounds of golf, zipline over a tropical jungle, or explore secret local beaches? We don’t blame you. Our team is committed to sharing our local knowledge to help you plan an awesome itinerary that connects you with the local culture and ensures you get the most out of your time in our beautiful paradise. 


Set sail on an all-inclusive, private catamaran charter for a relaxing and fun day at sea. Enjoy fresh-cut fruit, guacamole, snacks, and drinks on board, and stop at the best local spots to swim, snorkel, or kayak. As the sun sets on the horizon, it’s sure to be a highlight of your trip! And don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for marine life from turtles and dolphins to whales.


One of the must-dos for many people visiting Costa Rica is climbing up the steps to a platform high in the trees, buckling in, and taking an exhilarating ride down a zipline through the forest canopy. Experience views you can’t get any other way and an adrenaline rush that is sure to last you the rest of the day. Don’t miss this unforgettable experience, great for families and groups!


If your group is looking for a double or triple dose of adventure on your trip, an adventure combo may be up your alley. These itineraries incorporate multiple adventures into one tour. For example, you may go ziplining, horseback riding, and river tubing all in one day. Often, a day of adventure is followed up with a hearty meal and a relaxing wind down activity such as a dip in the hot springs or a soak in a volcanic mud bath.


If you have always wanted to learn how to surf, you’ve come to the right place. This region of Costa Rica is home to eight world-class surf breaks within a three-mile stretch of coastline. But don’t worry, there are also small beach breaks which are perfect for beginners. We’ll partner you up with a local expert who will show you the ropes and have you cruising down your first wave in no time!

Sport Fishing

Have you always dreamed of reeling in a 100-pound Sailfish or 500-pound Marlin? Both Marlin and Sailfish can be caught throughout the year off the coast of Hacienda Pinilla, although Marlin are more prevalent from December to February, and Sailfish are more prevalent from May to August. Head out with an expert sportfishing guide to make your dream a reality!

ATV tours

Longing to journey off the well-beaten path on an exhilarating ride? A 2-hour ATV excursion will take you to explore the hidden beauty of Guanacaste that many don’t get to see. Ride through the backcountry, weave through the trees in the forest, and reap the rewards of your journey when you arrive at little-known white sandy beaches and mountain lookout points. Come prepared to get dusty, muddy, and amazed!


When staying at Hacienda Pinilla, you won’t need to leave the resort for an amazing horseback riding experience. Within the property, you can explore over 16 kilometers of meandering paths on horseback with an expert local guide. Choose from trails over mountains or along the gorgeous coastline of Langosta Beach where you can get up close with nature while taking in spectacular views.

Diamante Eco Adventure Park

Looking for a day of adventure, nature, and learning about the local culture? Gather up the troops and head to one of the best adventure parks in Costa Rica. Located right on the ocean, Diamante offers a variety of activities from the only ocean view dual zipline in the country to horseback riding, ATV excursions, and tours of the animal sanctuary. Come and meet Lucy the sloth, test your limits, and enjoy great food and drinks!

Rio Celeste Rain Forest Tour

Welcome to the captivating world of Rio Celeste, a place of incredible natural beauty that will leave you in awe. Located near the Tenorio River, Rio Celeste enchants visitors from around the world with its stunning turquoise blue waters and the lush nature that envelops it. Our adventure begins with a 7-kilometer (4-mile) trail through the forest, guiding you to various fascinating sites. The journey starts with the mesmerizing Rio Celeste Waterfall, where the cascading waters create a magical spectacle. As you continue, you’ll encounter the blue lagoon—a serene stretch of the river that forms a breathtaking natural pool. Next, we’ll reach the observation deck of the Tenorio Volcano, offering panoramic views of the majestic volcano and the surrounding mountains. Prepare to be captivated by the awe-inspiring beauty of the landscape.

Tour Packages

With so many exciting and interesting activities in the area, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. To make sure you don’t miss anything your group wants to do, we’ll take care of the planning. Simply let us know all of the tours you’re interested in, and we’ll compile custom tour packages to help you make the most of your trip! Have a large group? No problem! We’ll help you find activities that can suit your group’s size at group rates!


The beautiful scenery of the Hacienda Pinilla resort and surrounding areas can provide an amazing backdrop for photos. Whether you’d like family portraits, photographs of an event like a wedding, or footage of your amazing adventures, our professional photographers can help you capture your special moments so you can revisit them for many years to come. Let us know your vision and we will help you bring it to life.

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