Nestled amidst a natural tropical paradise, we invite you to come and enjoy the beautiful Guanacaste region of Costa Rica from our immaculate modern homes and villas in the exclusive Hacienda Pinilla resort community.


Need a little you time? Head to the Hacienda Pinilla beach club and spa amenities at the JW Marriot for a variety of rejuvenating wellness treatments. You can relax and unwind in the privacy of one of the spa rooms while receiving care from a trained professional.


Stay fit in paradise at our beachfront fitness center. On the second floor of the beach club, find a fully-equipped training facility with a view of the Playa Avellanas shoreline. Choose from self-guided workouts or a variety of fitness classes.


Set against the backdrop of Costa Rica’s stunning scenery. The resort offers well-maintained volleyball courts where guests can enjoy friendly matches or competitive games. Whether on the beach or at designated court areas, volleyball enthusiasts of all levels can engage in this fun and energetic sport. The combination of top-notch facilities and the resort’s beautiful surroundings makes playing volleyball at Hacienda Pinilla both enjoyable and memorable.


The well-maintained soccer fields provide an ideal setting for both casual matches and competitive games. Surrounded by the lush landscapes of Costa Rica, players of all ages and skill levels can enjoy the thrill of soccer in a picturesque and invigorating environment. Whether you’re looking to practice your skills or join in a friendly game, Hacienda Pinilla offers a perfect venue for soccer enthusiasts.

Kids Playground

The Kids Playground at Hacienda Pinilla resort offers a delightful and safe environment for children to play and explore. Designed with a variety of fun and engaging equipment, the playground provides endless entertainment for kids of all ages. The playground is part of the resort’s commitment to creating a family-friendly atmosphere, ensuring that every member of the family has a memorable and enjoyable experience at Hacienda Pinilla.